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Registration Process
Posted by Paul Gerrard
Wednesday, February 09, 2022 23:21

The Registration Process - in a Nutshell

Candidates set out their experience, capabilities and PD plan

  1. must become members of the
         TEI through the website
  2. Candidates will be
         interviewed by a TEI mentor. This is really to advise the candidate of the
         process, not a review.
  3. Candidates capture their
         experience and skills portfolio
    1. Each experience
            coved one or more skills in the TEK. Experience documentation will
            require a referee - usually an employer.
    2. Identify learning activities
            (training or recent reading or video watching etc.).
  4. PD Plan identifies the skills
         they want to develop
  5. Website identifies candidate
         sources aligned with the skills they want to develop:
    1. Training
    2. Online videos
    3. Reading matter
  6. Candidates access the
         candidate sources and track access to these on their CPD tracker.
  7. Candidates can reference
         other sources, which TEI will vet, load into the TEK and assign CPD points
         to. (Sources may be rejected, on occasion)
  8. Candidates will undergo a 90
         minute interview. Interviewers will be a TEI mentor who will ask questions
         based on the candidates referenced experience and sources identified in
         their CPD tracker.
  9. Post-interview, a second TEI
         reviewer will consider the TEI mentor's recommendation and candidates PD.
  10. Candidates will be advised of
         any shortcomings in their CPD and how they can resolve these.
  11. Successful candidates will be
         advised of their status and certificates awarded.
  12. Successful registrants will
         be given a URL which will show their registrant status, CPD history and 
  13. Successful registrants will
         be advised of the ongoing TEI membership process and fees.
  14. TEI registrants CPD will be
         monitored and a sample (20%) will be audited each year.

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