What do I do Now?

If you are a tools user

Firstly, we'd like you to

Second, identify the tools you use. and for those you use, previously used or are reviewing, select your experience level. Your tools chain will appear on your profile. (By the way, if a tool that you use is not in the TKB, then we invite you to create it).

If you want to embed the tools you use as a list in your website -

If you are a tools expert or tools service provider

Please see above, plus... We are looking for people who are knowledgeable enough to review or possibly edit the features listings for the tools you know well. The features hierarchy will grow and evolve over time - help us to perfect it. We will list you as a service provider on the tools you know best. It's the least we can do.

If you are a tool vendor

We ask you to search for the tools you offer and check they are in the system and properly described. If your tools exist in the system and you want to manage the information we hold, that's fine - and we can make you the administrator (after a couple of quick checks). If you want, we can maintain the data on your behalf, for a small fee. Alternatively, nominate a tools expert (see above) and we'll invite them to keep your details correct.

If You Own/Contribute to an Open Source Project

We make exactly the same offer as we make to the vendors. You are free to edit the information for your tools in the same way. You might already be represented on a site like GitHub - we're just offering an extra publicity channel - it will help you reach a broader audience. People looking for tools often start their search with proprietary products but rarely see free tools listed side by side. Now is your chance. if you want control of your tools information.

If you are a blogger

Search for one of your recent blog posts and if you find it - your blog is already indexed in the system. If not, you can suggest the blog and register it yourself. Please note we are looking for blogs that cover our scope (DevOps, Testing, Collaboration). Company blogs are acceptable if they focus on these topic areas. Some general technology blogs might be acceptable, at our discretion. Offensive or blatantly commercial posts are not acceptable.

If your blog is indexed, we will give you credit for it on your profile

If you maintain your own online tools listing

We believe we already have a more comprehensive list (in our scope) than anyone else. We offer to provide you with ad free, embeddable tool type listings for your existing site. Join us as a partner and tools expert and help us to improve the data in our system to improve the listings on your site. We currently have 183 tool type listings. All are available for free. We'll give you your own lists and track the usage data and share that with you too. and we can explain what we can do for you.

If you want a tools listing on your own site

We make the same offer as above.

Can I advertise my tool or service on your site?

Of course you can. We offer competitive CPM (cost per thousand impressions) rates. Our users are tools-focused so your ads will be seen by the right people. We will of course provide monthly statistics for your perusal.

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