Tools by Type


  Process/Job Scheduling/Orchestration
  Console Automation
  DevOps Enablement
  JCL Management
  Multiplatform Workload Automation
  Capacity Planning
  Database Performance Management
  Middleware Performance Management
  Operating System Performance Management
  Response Time Management
  Configuration Management
    Source Control/File Versioning
  Provisioning/Deployment tools
  Repository Management
  Containerisation/Application Packaging
  Deployment Pipeline/Release Automation/Management
  Build Automation
    Dependency management
  Service Discovery
  Continuous Integration
    Web Site/Service Monitor
    Application Performance Management
    Device Monitoring
    Customer Service/Brand Monitoring
    Production Incident Notifications
    Log File Management/Analytics
  Customer Experience Management
  Disaster Recovery Management

Robotic Process Automation

  Process Discovery
  Process Documentation
  Robot Management/Orchestration
  Robot Control ans Execution
  Robot Personalisation
  Robot Governance
  Flexible Delivery


  Test Management tools
    Incident/Bug Reporting (Proprietary)
    Incident/Bug Reporting (Open Source)
  Test Execution
    Mainframe Interactive Testing (e.g.TSO/ISPF)
    Green Screen Character Based Testing
    Command Line/Terminal Testing
    Test Automation Framework
    Test Execution Framework
    Web services test tools
    GUI - User Interface Testing
    Web and HTTP Testing
      Browser Compatibility
      Cross-Browser Testing
    Mobile Device (phones/tablets) testing
    Console Based Games
    Automated Test Generation
    Database Testing
  Load/Performance Testing
    Benchmarking - devices, workstations, servers
    Benchmarking - browser comparison
    Network Traffic Generator/Fuzzing
  Screen capture/reading/Comparison
  Exploratory testing support
  Test data mgt/generation
    Data cloning
    Data profiling
    Data sub-setting
    Data visualisation
    Coverage analysis
    Synthetic data generation
    Test "Matching"
    Test Data Warehouse/Warehousing
    Virtualization (i.e. creating virtual R/R pairs)
    Data mining/discovery
    Version control/Data Inheritance
    Self-service, automated data provisioning
  Test Design support
    Test Case Design
    Model Based Testing
    Requirements gathering / formal modelling
    Cost & Complexity analysis
    Automated test case design
    Coverage analysis
    Optimize existing test cases
    Automatically update test cases / implement change
    Manage test data (link to requirements and test cases)
    Manage virtual data (link to requirements and test cases)
    Automation script generation
    Populate agile storyboards and backlogs
    Link test cases to expected results
    Share and re-use test cases and data
    Export test cases as automated tests
  Static Testing
    Static analysis of code
    Code Analysis and Review Support
    Web page HTML Validators
    Code/HTML Validator/Beautifier
    HTML Link checking and spiders
    Accessibility/Usability Checker
  Integrated test tool suite
  Browser Add-On
  Mobile emulators
  Input Fuzzing


  Process Modelling
  UML Modelling
  Requirements Management
    Requirements Management (Proprietary)
    Requirements Management (Open Source)
  Requirements Prototyping/Visualization
    Web Page Design
    Mobile Page Design
    Custom Interactions
    Custom Widgets
    Interactive Prototype
    Workflow Models


  Web Mining
  Mobile App Analytics
  Web Analytics
  Test Analytics
  Data Analysis
  Dashboard, Graph Editor
  Visualisation Tools
  Deep Learning


  Operating System
  System admin - management
  Virtualization env/tools
    Network Virtualization
  Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  Directory as a Service (DaaS)
  Cloud Storage
  Cloud Service Management
  Database/Data Management
    Database Management System (DBMS)
    Database management utilities
    NoSQL Database
    Key-Value Store
    Data Collection Parse Enrichment
  Web Server
  Distributed systems kernel
  Workstation/PC Monitoring
  System admin - monitoring
  Transaction/Achitecture Discovery
  Network Sniffers, Proxies, Utilities
  Messaging/Integration Services
  Memory/object caching
  Process Supervisors
  Remote Server Automation
  Mobile Network Emulation
  Application Servers


  Programming Language
  Integrated Development Env
  Editor (program code/text)
  Unit test framework
  JavaScript test framework
  Unit test Generator
  Debugging/Proxy/Sniffers etc.
  Dynamic Analysis
  Code profiling/performance checking
  Source Code Analyser/Navigator/Cross-Reference
  Software Design/Modelling Tool
  Browser component compatibility/prototyping
  Web Development Framework
  Services Development Framework


  Note Taking/Collaboration
    ALM for the Enterprise
    ALM - lightweight
    Behaviour-Driven Development
  Agile Management
  Incident/Change Management
  Instant Messaging/Meetings/Collaboration
  Virtual Whiteboard/Collaboration
  Shared Document Management
  Content Management System (CMS)


  Mind mapping tools
  Generic/Miscellaneous Utilities
  Web Browsers


  Security tools/analysers
  Penetration Testing
  Security: Intrusion Detection/Prevention
  Application Security Testing
  Central Security Management
  Static Code Security Analysis

Cloud-Based Services

  Cloud Testing Service
    Cloud Functional Testing
    Device Testing in the Cloud
    Cloud Performance Testing
  Help desk/service management


  Natural Language Processing
  Terminal Emulator
  Remote Desktop Client

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